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Chateau Chambord
10 March 2008

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KriKridesign on The Top
Great6, stunning, powerful, as mountain is... 5*

Katalog Stron on Hanging
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Sea Water on Mauna Kea Sunset
The sea water makes this view amazing. I just love such destinations for holidays. They relax me and I always come back ...

Ameli on Hummingbird 1
he is just a tiny fella, he looks quite mischievous the colours are great!

dj.tigersprout on Stream
divine -- i love this shot!

dj.tigersprout on Postcard Seattle
a 5 star knock-out city shot! you have done Seattle proud!

dj.tigersprout on Sunflower, in black and white
a wonderfully powerful macro!

dj.tigersprout on Snow Geese IV
lol -- this is awesome!!

dj.tigersprout on Observing II
excellent self portrait!

dj.tigersprout on Gerber, backside
marvelous details!

dj.tigersprout on Oregon Coast Redux
indeed it is! faaabulous color and contrast! excellent composition!

dj.tigersprout on Rocky Beach
awesome visual texture!

dj.tigersprout on Yaquina Head Lighthouse
truly faaabulous!

dj.tigersprout on Ferry crossing
amazing sky!

dj.tigersprout on Thai Sunset 2
and glorious again!

dj.tigersprout on Thai Sunset

dj.tigersprout on Cape Alava
stunning scenery! lovely in b/w!

dj.tigersprout on Afternoon Rain
faaabulous color!

dj.tigersprout on The Sloth...

dj.tigersprout on Distant Ferry

dj.tigersprout on In the fountain 2
OUTSTANDING!!! 5 stars!!!

dj.tigersprout on In the fountain
wow -- very cool!

dj.tigersprout on Children of Laos 8
adorable children!

dj.tigersprout on Asparagus

dj.tigersprout on Holly
excellent tonalities and framing!

dj.tigersprout on Self Portrait 6
this is beautifully done, with an excellent backdrop -- did you use your car lights?

dj.tigersprout on Self Portrait No. 4
nice kicks!

dj.tigersprout on A Great View
lol -- i have never been in all the time i have spent in Sydney!! guess i ought to go sometime! great framing!

dj.tigersprout on Southern Coast

dj.tigersprout on Fraser Island
an excellent landscape!

dj.tigersprout on Kite Boarding III
excellent -- my friend is from this town, i have only been once, but a beautiful place to be sure!

dj.tigersprout on Coastline Australia
you do get around don't you? ;) a faaabulous composition and place!

dj.tigersprout on Contrast
i love the feeling i get from this -- fresh salty air and adventure!

dj.tigersprout on Grass
superb abstract!

dj.tigersprout on Around the bend...
makes me think of pirates! ;)

dj.tigersprout on Grassy stroll
that is gorgeous!

dj.tigersprout on Climbing
awesome sand-dune!!

dj.tigersprout on Untitled
superb composition and pov -- love this mood!

dj.tigersprout on Untitled
amazing framing and pov!

dj.tigersprout on Tullips
excellent angle -- wonderful color!

dj.tigersprout on Ridgeline
just gorgeous!

dj.tigersprout on Untitled
wow!! STUNNING! faaabulous shot -- 5 stars!!

Ana Lúcia on Hanging

aloha on Mauna Kea Sunset
Seeing Maui was the best thing that I ever did. I had my dream vacation there. aloha Hawaii!

Mark / one way photo on Hanging
Love both elements of this shot, the green leaves and the running water... they work very well together. Will check out ...

aragem on Hanging

Andre on Path through the Redwoods - 2
I have to say that I like the fact that you were able to capture the somewhat melancholic and greyish weather in the ...

Chris Parr on Path through the Redwoods - 2
Even better. I really like the level path set against the slope of the land.

Chris Parr on Path through the Redwoods
Love the gentle curve of the path, and the colors are so rich. Great image.

john4jack on Path through the Redwoods - 2
Terrific. Captivating scene.

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